Bracing and Prosthetics for Animals

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by limb loss or injury. With four legs, you could argue animals are even more susceptible to these conditions.

When an animal experiences an injury resulting in a damaged or lost limb, a brace or prosthetic can be applied to improve its quality of life. Like humans, animals don’t need to suffer just because of an amputation or other medical condition affecting their limbs.

While any injured animal can benefit from braces or prosthetics, dogs are the most commonly treated animals.

When a dog is injured, splints are often a great solution for easing pain and increasing mobility. Designed with inspiration from human splints that support the ankle, foot, and lower leg, dog splints are used to hold a dog’s lower limbs securely while assisting it in walking on weak or injured limbs. Because dogs tend to be highly active, these splints are made to be durable while maintaining a natural and comfortable fit.

There are many different kinds of orthotics and prosthetics to help any kind of dog with many different conditions. Some examples include knee and hock braces that securely hold a dog’s weak ankles and knees.

Let’s face it. We love our pets. They’re like family. And when they’re injured, we’ll do anything to make them feel better. Just because your pet faces a limb injury or amputation, doesn’t mean he won’t be his playful self anymore. Give your injured pet the love he deserves with a brace or prosthetic.

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