How to Find the Right Shoes for Your Child’s AFO

Lots of questions are sure to arise when having to buy shoes for your child’s AFO. From types of shoes to fitting techniques and everything else in between, Allen Orthopedic Labs has the answer for you.

Don’t dismay! Here are our tips for buying shoes that fit your child’s AFO:

  • Your child may not want to go shoe shopping, and that’s fine. Just be sure to have the brace with you to fit into potential shoes
  • Wider shoes work best with AFOs
  • Buy two different sizes if necessary – HINT – Nordstrom Department Store will sell a left and a right shoe in different sizes for the cost of one pair of shoes
  • Sneakers are the most compatible shoe with AFOs
  • Consider pulling the insole out for a better fit
  • Look for shoes with a wide toe box
  • Cut away the fabric attaching the shoe tongue to the shoe if applicable.
  • Pick shoes with laces instead of Velcro because they provide a more secure fit
  • For shoes with Velcro, consider getting strap extensions to ensure a better fit
  • Instead of shoving your child’s foot in, try rocking the shoe heel back and forth, which will help it slide on more easily

Contact Allen Orthopedic Labs and we’ll answer any additional questions you might have about buying the right shoes for your child’s AFO.

There are a lot of great shoes out there, but these companies offer those that work best with AFOs:

  • Hatchbacks and Surestep because they design with orthoses in mind
  • Nike FlyEase
  • Answer 2 Shoes for AFOs
  • New Balance and Saucony because they offer extra wide sizes