Common Usages of Ankle Foot Orthoses

1 Sep 2019 Orthopedics

Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are the most commonly used orthoses, making up about 26% of all orthoses provided in the United States.

AFOs are externally applied and intended to control position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. AFOs can be used to support weak limbs or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position. They are also used to immobilize the ankle and lower the leg in the presence of arthritis or fracture and to correct foot drop caused by a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.

In fact, AFOs are sometimes referred to as the foot drop brace. Foot drop or “drop foot” is a condition where a person has difficulty lifting the front part of the foot. If you have foot drop, you’ll tend to drag your toes across the ground while walking. You may compensate for this problem by lifting your knee higher. In mild cases of foot drop, you will hear and feel your foot “slap” the ground while walking.

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A typical AFO creates an L-shaped frame around the foot and ankle, extending from just below the knee to the end of the foot. AFOs can be purchased off-the-shelf or custom molded to an individual wearer.

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